When it has come to USA, there are many spots you can visit, but you can’t leave a road trip because there are many places and roads you can go for amazing road trip. One of the road trips that you will remember the most is Route 66 trip. Route 66, also called Mother road, is a historic road because it was used when there was a massive transmigration in the 1930s to the Western USA. No wonder this route is connecting east to the edge again. If you worry about your car, you can rent a vehicle to have a safer road trip in Route 66.

What is Acoma Pueblo?

Acoma comes from Spanish which means “the place that always was” which for them is a place where they should live. Pueblo is an Indian tribe. So for the Pueblo tribe, Acoma Pueblo which is also called the sky city, is home to them even though there is no electricity, cellphone or water signal above. Even the toilet is still outside the room. Acoma Pueblo is located in Gallup, New Mexico USA in one of the mesas. Mesa in Spanish means a table that if we interpret it in the language of people here is a plateau that is flat and generally made of giant boulders. Mesa can be easily found in Southwest USA.

Acoma Pueblo is 112 meters high from the ground and has an area of ​​approximately 431,664 acres and has been named the oldest village still inhabited in the USA. To visit it, we must use the available tour and later delivered to the top mesa by car you also can rent a vehicle there. Up here, the weather is cold and dry.

Why Acoma Pueblo?

  • Friendly

The pueblo people who will welcome you are very friendly and they sold their original handicrafts in front of the house. The price is fairly cheap compared to prices on the market. For example you can buy a necklace for $ 5 complete with the name of the maker behind the necklace.

  • Rare to see a scam

In addition, the atmosphere feels safe and friendly. They will never ask anything because it is rare to see a scam in Acoma Pueblo. Even if we just look and see, they are also very friendly to serve. The guide is polite they will never ask a tip but it will be better if you can give a tip for their friendly attitude.

  • Fun walk

In Acoma Pueblo, you still can see nature but you have to be careful in walking. You can see the history of people there gardening and developing sustainability in downhill. It is a bit steepy, but it could be a fun walk learning history of USA there.

That’s the reason why you have to try having a road trip in Acoma Pueblo because there is much history there. It is the best place to track the origin of USA and how Indians survive and live in USA.