There is no wrong thing when you want to rent a luxury vehicle in rental24h car rental for a road trip. Some people say that it could save a lot of budgets and safety is more guaranteed too. Using the luxury car for a road trip is another level of being confident because you don’t only drive a good car but also get the luxury features and comfort during a road trip. If you just want to go with four people or less, BMW 530i the best option.

What’s in BMW 530i?

The BMW 530i M Performance is powered by a 2,000 cc 4 cylinder turbo engines with power reaching 252 hp and 350 Nm of torque. Of course, with that much power is very capable to enjoy the city that is being quiet. In addition, with a fierce energy, this BMW is capable of producing good fuel consumption. For routes in the city, the BMW 530i M Performance produces an average fuel consumption of 10.5 km / l while the toll route reaches 13.5 km / l. The BMW 520i Luxury conquered a 900 Km journey leaving almost ¼ of the gas tank. The total capacity of the car’s gas tank is 68 L.

Benefits of using BMW for road trip

BMW 530i has good performance as it has been mentioned above. It will also give more advantages when you pick BMW 5301 in rental24h car rental. What are they?

  • High fuel efficiency

This is because of  the integration of the BMW Efficient Dynamics application on the all-new BMW 520i Luxury which has succeeded in providing the best comfort and driving pleasure with very high fuel efficiency. The mode works best without the need for human intervention. Drivers no longer need to think about saving fuel, because the 530i automatically does it. There is no need for the driver to turn off the cooling system or drive slowly for fuel-efficiency.

  • Eco-Pro technology

It makes driving enjoyable without having to sacrifice dynamically, and the second-row bench can also go forward and backward as far as 13 mm with a 60: 40 configuration, to improve comfort settings and luggage capacity as needed. Not only for convenience, it is also obtained by the presence of a button to open the remote trunk lock BMW to close and dedicate the button on the trunk.

  • Big storing

For travelers who use BMW  cars, don’t worry about storing a lot of things because the trunk of this car is very wide and can store a lot of things. Travelers can organize their belongings in large baggage. No need to worry about luggage. The back seat that is comfortable and makes the travelers comfortable can also adjust the position and comfort of the chair that can be pushed back. Comfortable trip.

There is no need to worry about safety and comfort when you drive BMW because it has been proven as one of the safest luxury cars, and that is why it is so good for a road trip.