School field trips are an exciting moment at school. Students are waiting for this event because they can refresh their mind and learn outside the class. Rental24h car rental will help the students to reach their destination in the USA, especially in their free time.

Students are divided into their level. The higher-level need a wider learning area like museums and markets. Although they have scheduled, the higher level students still could spend their free time to go anywhere they desire. Sure, they have to be ‘in a place’ when the activity begins. At night, they might feel the different weather by going alone around the hotel. Shopping and dining are two favorite things to do in their free time. Rental24h car rental always ready to drive them with its professional driver.

Science and Historical Learning Destination

It is good to learn as many things as you can outside. Learning science and history are the complete package because both of them are in a different major. Rental24h car rental could accompany the students to San Diego Zoo & Safari Park and Museum Campus in Chicago. Here the things you can do there.

  1. San Diego Zoo & Safari Park. In this place, you could learn about animal habits. Whether the park is a replica of their natural environment, at least you know how the ecosystem is created. You also may see giant pandas, gorillas, polar bears, and koalas. Seeing wild animals do not ask you to go to Africa. Here, you