Road trip with family is one alternative to spend vacation time. Do you already have a plan to go on a trip? When planning a vacation with family using a private car, of course many things must be considered, starting from the condition of the engine to the comfort in the car. To support your activities while traveling, what type of car do you choose? There are many types and classes of cars offered by manufacturers and car rental service.

However, not all of them can be used for tourism activities. Among the many types of cars available, there are actually two types that are ideal to be used as vehicles to be used in long distance routes, namely the type of multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) and a sport utility vehicle (SUV). The ideal criteria for choosing a car for road trip activities are the cars, which must have a roomy and comfortable cabin, and luggage that can hold a lot of luggage, and a powerful engine with efficient fuel usage. Well, these two types are MPV and SUV, which are considered to be very suitable with consideration of the carrying capacity and toughness of the engine.


MPV, also known as minibus, is worthy of choice because it can accommodate up to 8 passengers, including drivers. In fact, some manufacturers currently issue MPVs with large cabins, so they can accommodate up to 10 passengers. On average, the capacity of this type of car engine is above 1,500 cc, so the power is reliable. While in terms of comfort, some MPVs are currently produced with a monocoque body structure, making the pace more stable. There are several types of MPV cars that you can choose, such as the Citroen Grand C4 SpaceTourer, Renault Grand Scenic, Volkswagen Sharan, Ford Galaxy, Mercedes VClass, Ford SMAX and more.


However, there are shortcomings of MPV type cars, namely the lack of ability to pass through damaged roads due to low ground clearance. Well, for other alternatives is a sport utility vehicle (SUV) type car. This type of car generally has a high ground clearance, which is above 20 cm. This can cover the shortcomings that MPV doesn’t have, making it ideal for bulldozing rocky roads or light off road terrain. However, SUVs have a much smaller capacity, usually only 5 seats. So it is only suitable for accommodating small families with 2 children to maintain comfort during the trip. But now there are also several SUVs that can accommodate 7 to 8 passengers.In addition, the engine owned by this type of car has a large capacity, so that fuel consumption becomes more wasteful. Some choices of SUVs that can be your choice are:

  • Toyota Highland,
  • Lexus RX,
  • Honda CRV,
  • GMC Acadia,
  • Grand Cherokee,
  • Chevrolet Tahoe,
  • Nissan Pathfinder and more.

Now, that’s all the two types of cars above, the full choice is yours. You can consider it in terms of budget, engine endurance, cabin comfort and of course the capacity to accommodate passengers. You can buy these cars or if you want it to be easier and cheaper you can rent them in car rental service. That’s a little info about tips on choosing a car for long road trip.